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    glowing doodles enhancement attack


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    Zelda, this time as a space object. used custom PS brushes for stars. : 3


  5. thedoctortheherothewarrior said: I think you are totally amazing and wonderful ;) hope you have a nice day!

    wow. not really sure how you got that impression from this specific tumlbr because it’s a pretty weird representation of me, but okay, thanks i guess? ; )



  7. yeah, fuck you harry

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  8. isn’t this awesome.

    (i’ve got hundreds of awesome pictures from sicily, kinda feel like wiping my tumblr and just spamming it with them)


  9. Shu Qi in Hou Hsiao Hsien’s Three Times/最好的時光 


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    Because melancholy consumes him.


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    Sea is for Cookie

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    I just had to….

    zaraz jebne

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